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This site makes uses of some cookies. Most of these are essential to allow you to view and use the site fully. All cookies are for a legitimate business interest and enable us to provide you with information about our services and/or help us improve your experience. 

Some cookies are generated by Wix, the platform this site is built on, and so are essential for its operation. You can view Wix's privacy policy here.

Some cookies are used by Facebook to allow you to view our success stories and business information provided in our Facebook page. You can view Facebook's privacy policy here.

We use Google Analytics to measure how many users visit the site and how long they stay for. This helps us to improve the site and improve your experience. We anonymise all IP addresses so we don't collect or hold any identifiable information.  We also do not pass the data on to other third parties. You can view Google's overview of privacy and safeguarding data here. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking on this site and others using Google's Analytics opt-out browser extension.

The only personal information we process through the website is what you explicitly provide by contacting us, and leaving an email address and name. This information is held only in our secured mailboxes, and is not distributed outside of the company. To request for your data to be removed, simply contact us by mobile, Facebook or though the contact form.  

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